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how weird is that human beings do things like go to the beach for a fun time…build roller coasters to ride on…invent pictures and films with which to communicate ideas and entertain…I mean no other species can do that stuff. No other species invented a little, mouse-shaped controller with buttons that control a picture-box with a social network in it…isn’t that kinda weird? 
There are all these animals they share this planet with…but none come even close to reaching their level of intelligence. Kangaroos hop around and get hit by cars, elephants splash around in mud to keep cool, chimpanzees pick up things with their feet, but none of them are capable of leaving the zoo. To do so requires determination and cleverness; most animals forget the task, and none can comprehend locks or glass walls or sudden, very high gates.
Deep in the wilderness, they are no different. With more room to range, animals are survivalists. Nature is life and death. Human beings, however, have tunnels below their streets with cars that slide on rails to transport people from place to place. A human can literally go to work, save up the accumulated rewards of its work, and buy a shelter in which to live. The human can then select from a variety of artificial colors with which it can coat the walls of its dwelling, in order to set a “mood.” Occasionally the color of the walls will be of similar and complementing hues to the colors decorating the room’s decor. This for humans adds an ambient touch, one with which they can accommodate the feeling of the room based on what they use it for. For example, a baseball enthusiast’s sports-viewing room might include the colors of the enthusiast’s favorite baseball team. 
Human beings are highly eccentric creatures, to whom novelty is considered a luxury. Their need for basic survival skills is, in many places, nonexistant, with highly organized networks of humans that distribute the different needs of a large population based on a currency-exchange system. However, there are portions of the population who serve different functions, including military, governing bodies, teachers, and other types of workers. Another portion of the population is concerned with creation, inventing rhythmic noises called music, hand-crafted 2-dimensional images made of artificial color, boxes with glass that show what appear to be mirror worlds, and a symbol language which communicates scientific principles. A large portion of the human population is oppressed by other humans, and many wars have occurred, and are continuing to occur. Many humans are power-seeking, and easily capable of manipulating other humans to obtain their power. Often, those who are power-hungry will stop not even at the expense of the lives of other humans, and throughout the human timeline, massive portions of the human species have been exterminated by other humans. 
But as barbaric and strange as these few traits of human beings seem, human beings can also be gentle creatures. Also unlike most animals, humans frequently choose mates that remain their mate until one dies. This behavior is generally a cooperative relationship in which both humans contribute to maintaining a comfortable dwelling and rearing their offspring. Humans also have sophisticated mating rituals, age-rite rituals, and birth and death rituals. 
So it does seem strange that this peculiar creature known as a Human inhabits a world where singular characteristics are dispersed widely throughout creatures of all shapes and sizes. The human spectrum of behaviors and actions covers far beyond any other species on the planet Earth. The human invents entertainment for itself, customizes its environment to its liking, and can even build objects which fly and can contain humans for transportation purposes.
Very strange creatures, humans.